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When most people think of tourism in Mexico, they think of people sunbathing on the beaches of Cancun or exploring Mayan temples at Chichen Itza. However, many people are coming to Mexico not for pleasure, but rather to receive dental care from a dentist in mexico. This is known as Mexican Dental Tourism. People generally travel to Mexico from places such as the United States to receive dental care, because dental care in Mexico is generally cheaper than the available care in those people's homelands. The amount that people can save by participating in Mexican Dental Tourism can be quite large.

For example, according to a report by NPR, the cost of a Dentist in Mexico is generally two thirds less than the cost of the same procedure in the United States. The main reasons dental care is cheaper in Mexico is because of the lower educational costs, liability insurance prices, and overhead costs associated with doing business as a Tijuana dentist. Some American dentists worry that patients will not receive the same level of care in Mexico as they would in the United States. However, with most medical procedure being an out of pocket expense and dental costs continually rising, it is unlikely this trend will stop any time soon.

Affordable dental implants in tijuana enable you to save a considerable amount of money as it is a low price option that helps you replace the missing and broken teeth. This is a very effective dental procedure that involves implanting replacement root that is made from titanium into jaw bone. You can get a new tooth, bridge or denture fixed onto the replacement root with the help of surgical procedure for providing you with a healthy set of teeth and gums. Your dentist in tijuana allows you to save a lot of money on dental care.

The Mexican border with the USA is one of the world's first and busiest dental Tourism destinations. Tijuana, in the Baja California Peninsula, offers some of the best dentist in tijuana facilities in the country, with high tech eye-surgeries and some of Mexico's top quality hospitals. The border areas are where a traveller is most likely to encounter English-speaking care, but if Spanish isn't an issue Mexico also offers a number of other possibilities, including some highly respected hospitals in Mexico City.

While hospital accreditation on the American model has been slow to gain momentum in Mexico, standards in testing and laboratory monitoring have been harmonized across the Canadian, US and Mexican area. Mexico's "Entidad Mexicana de Acceditación" is a full member of the International Laboratory Accreditation Co-operation guaranteeing verifiable standards within accredited institutions. Even with the slow uptake of accreditation across Mexico, many tijuana dentists are jumping ahead of the curve. Both the Hospital Angeles group and Hospital Chistus Muguerza are in the process of completing Joint Commission International accreditation programmes.

Benefits of gastric sleeve surgery include: The surgery does not involve implanting a medical or foreign device into the body in order to curb eating. The small intestine is left intact with and hence involves fewer complications. Patients with complex medical conditions can safely undertake the surgery with Dr. Francisco Zavalza. Post surgery, additional nutritional supplements are not needed. Visible positive differences are seen within a year of the surgery. It is a boon for patients with high BMI. Does not restrict intake of normal food soon after surgery. Dumping syndrome does not occur.

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